Wondering what exactly is entailed in the cleaning "lingo"? Here's a more detailed list:

You may notice some bold letters in the list. These are things that we take pride in that maybe not everyone else offers!

Maintenance Clean:

  • Common rooms/Hallways/Stairs: Dust picture frames, shelving, light fixtures, window sills, and ceiling fans, all of your 'knick knacks', upholstery, and knock down those cobwebs. We vacuum all carpets and rugs (with our HEPA filter Dyson)
  • Kitchen: Clean all surfaces in kitchen including counter tops, outside of your appliances, fixtures, cabinets, stove top, inside of microwave, wash floors
  • Bathrooms: Clean and sanitize all bathroom fixtures, shine mirrors (Yep, including your makeup mirror!), dust exhaust fans, trinkets, picture frames, and hand wash floors.
  • Bedrooms: Same cleaning as the common room, (we offer to change sheets/duvet covers for $3/bed), however we at least make your bed every time!
  • Laundry/Mud Rooms/Foyers: Dust and clean top to bottom, vacuum rugs/carpets, hand wash floors

Hand washing floors ensures that baseboards get washed every time as well

Deep Clean:  recommended once per year

This includes everything from the maintenance clean plus:

  • Kitchen: Detailed stove top cleaning (take apart electric stoves), polish cabinets, wash doors, light fixtures and windowsills
  • Common rooms and bedrooms: Wash doors, baseboards and floors, light fixtures and windowsills
  • Bathrooms: Doors and windowsills washed
  • Laundry/Mud rooms: Doors and windowsills washed



This includes the deep clean plus

  • Inside of all cabinets and closets
  • Inside of washer and dryer


Office Clean:

  • Sanitize all surfaces including desks, counter tops, bathrooms, kitchen areas
  • Wash and or vacuum floors
  • Clean front doors and entry way
  • Remove trash 


Optional extra cleaning options

  • Inside of: refrigerator($45), oven($35), or china cabinets  
  • Window washing* (our insurance does not allow us to clean outside of windows)
  • Hand wash ALL floors (prices vary per room)

Supplemental Services

  • Grocery shopping 
    • $10 for pickup, $20 to pick up and put away
  • Dish washing
    • $10 to load dishwasher, $20 to hand wash (for family of 4)
  • Laundry folding/switching over loads 
    • $10 per basket / $15 to fold and put away
  • Pet cleanup
    • $20 for yard cleanup / $10 per litter box
  • Car Detailing
    • wash, vacuum and detail - $100/coupe - $110/sedan - $120/SUV or truck - $130 vans or larger vehicles.     For wax:       ^$10             ^$20               ^$30                       ^$40
  • Organizing
    • Priced per job or $30/hr for one person or $50/hr for 2 
    • We often run specials for organizing so be sure to keep an eye out!
  • If you think of something else you might need help with, just ask! We will see what we can do!