When you hear the words "Happy Hour" what do you think of?

Do you think of affordable prices, time to hang out with friends or family, or maybe even an excuse not to do your chores at home? My name is Jen, and I thought this should also describe a model cleaning service. A different kind of cleaning service however...

How are we different?

While most services ONLY clean your home, (and half the stuff they "can't" clean anyways) we decided to go the extra mile and expand our idea from cleaning to household chores as well. This includes grocery shopping, dish washing, laundry folding, and pretty much whatever else you can think of!

 We have over 20 years of experience combined, we are insured, and offer a 100% guarantee that you will be blown away by our service! If you are not, we will come back at your convenience and make it right! 

You can opt for an email when we are 'en route' to your home. Who knows, you might have forgot that gallon of milk at the grocery store earlier, and we are more than happy to stop for you!

But how are we different towards our customers?

Most companies come out, clean your house and leave. While we can definitely do that, we prefer to take the time to know our customers and for them to get to know us! Don't be surprised to get handwritten holiday cards or thank you notes!

Make every hour happy!
— The motto we live by

Still not convinced? Here is where we really get to brag! 

We are a woman owned, local business and as such, we care about those 'pet peeves' you may or may not have! Now we don't just go on in and clean, we have a set system in place. This ensures that no matter what, your home will be cleaned to the same high standard no matter what time of year it may be!

We take the time to properly train our staff, and have frequent quality control visits. This is why we have no problem offering our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

We work around your schedule every time! Last minute in-law drop in? No problem! We offer later hours upon request so that you can focus on getting the kids ready or maybe even make it out to 'happy hour' before they arrive! So free your time, clear your mind, and call Happy Hour Maids today!

(240) 630-4467